Organizing gets easier as your kids get older! #4 of 5

#4 of 5 ways it is easier to organize as your children get older…

Set your kids up for success by creating zones in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Not only does this look nicer and make you feel more organized, but it also helps eliminate the obstacles that keep your children from taking care of themselves. By the time your children are able to stay home alone, they should also be able to get themselves ready for the day and feed themselves. By doing some of what I mention below, your spaces will be more organized, you will have created a home for everything so that it is easy to pick-up/put away, and you are setting expectations of self-sufficiency for your children. Win-Win!

In the kitchen… Create Prep Bins: Sandwich prep bin, Breakfast bin, Snack Bin

Bins in your refrigerator and pantry area are great if you are trying to encourage your kids to take care of themselves. If they want a snack, they know where to look. If they want a sandwich, they know where all the fixings are and can easily do it themselves. Limiting the excuses and obstacles encourages self-sufficiency, and makes clean up fairly simple.
Designate a section of the freezer for easy to make meals, frozen veggie bags, and other easy to make food. Having the pizza pockets and bags of microwavable broccoli all in one area can be helpful. When you call home and say you are going to be late and they say they are starving, you can tell them where to find something other than cereal and sandwiches. Be sure they know how to use the microwave or toaster oven before doing this.
Sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many of us end up with teenagers who still wait until their mom or dad gets home to eat a regular meal. My kids would have starved by now!

In the bathroom… Create two bins.

The Daily Bin: This bin includes their toothbrush, tooth paste, brush, face soap, retainer and anything else they need daily. They can leave it all in the bin and pull it out of the cabinet every morning – use it – and put it away before leaving the bathroom. You can also give each person a drawer and accomplish the same thing. All of your stuff is right HERE…

The cleaning bin: Everyone should know how to clean the bathroom. Picking up your room/bathroom for the housekeeper is not the same as cleaning the room/bathroom. It is helpful if you keep all of the tools in one place, again, so there are very few obstacles to actually doing the job. If all of the products and brushes are easily accessible, the job is simpler and more likely to happen.

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