Organizing gets easier as your children get older… #3

#3 of 5 ways it is easier to organize as your children get older…
Just like the need to have toys in every room and snacks in every bag/car decreases as your children get older, so does the need for duplicates of many other items.

You do not need as many craft supplies, school project supplies, throw-down birthday gifts, wrapping supplies, and medicines.

Craft projects – Many children grow out of the crafting phase when their lives get busier. If this is the case in your house – find a younger boy and girl and gift them with all the slime making materials they could possibly want!

School Supplies – As your children get older, they do more of their work in school and the nature of their projects change. You won’t be making dioramas in every class, or science fair style presentations regularly once the kids hit middle school and high school.   You probably don’t need an abundance of  dye cut letters, stickers and colored paper. Go ahead and consolidate and donate what you don’t need. Then, go and buy or borrow supplies for projects as they come up.  One of my favorite neighborhood Facebook groups is “buynothinggreathills”, where people in my neighborhood post things they are giving away, and you can ask for things you need. It is a great place to get science fair supplies, sports equipment and so much more.  Look for similar social media groups in your neighborhood.

Gifts and Wrapping – As the children get older they give gift cards and cash more than actual presents. So, not only do you need fewer items in your “gift closet,” but also less wrapping supplies. Consolidate and donate what you don’t need.

Medicine – Once the kiddos start swallowing pills the need for all the liquid Motrin, as well as many other forms of children’s medicine, decreases dramatically . In addition to the need – have you checked the expiration date on your medicines? It is amazing how much old medicine we all still have.  Clean out your medicine cabinets, properly discard what you don’t need/is expired, and lock up the rest.  Most pharmacies will take your old and expired medicine – DO NOT FLUSH IT.

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