Tired of feeling overwhelmed in your space and not sure what to do or where to start? We’ve got your back! Declutter It All’s practical approach to your clutter begins with a real look at where you are today and where you want to be in the future, and ends with a realistic action plan so you only have to declutter once. Declutter It All can lighten your load and change your life through hands on decluttering services, organizational space design and productivity coaching.

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Decluttering & Organizing

Do you have a space that needs some help? Every job starts with a 1-hour consultation. Your consultation fee includes all of our ideas to help you accomplish your goals. Then you have a choice – take our ideas and run with them yourself, or book time in the future for us to come back and help you declutter, reorganize and redesign your space. Contact Meredith to get started.


Keynotes to multi-day workshops -Meredith is a well respected, dynamic presenter who can keep any group engaged.  Her presentations are fun and full of tips, tricks and helpful information. Get your event on her calendar today!


Does your whole life feel cluttered? With Meredith’s productivity coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to start decluttering your thoughts and develop a customized plan for improving every aspect of your life. Contact Meredith to get started.

Everyone has a different relationship with their “stuff.” We are not here to judge your relationship or make you get rid of what you love. Instead, we are here to help you live a life free of clutter (unnecessary stuff) and full of what you love.  Here is how we do it… 

#1: Visualize the space. Having an end in mind is key to decluttering your life, but especially your home or office.  What is your ideal use of this space? What would you like this room to do for you and what do you need to do that? 

#2: Declutter. This includes a series of questions and conversations about why you have what you have, and touching and feeling each item. Was it a gift, inherited or purchased? Why are you keeping it? When and how do you use it? Do you love it? Do you need it? 

#3: Take everything to its home!  Move all items to the rooms or spaces where they will eventually live. They do not have to be organized yet, they just need to be in their appropriate space. 

 #4: Organize. Now that everything is in its home, we can make it as tidy, orderly and pretty as you want.  We are focused on you daily usage and needs, not the look of the space. We can work with your current space and materials or we can give you something new. Our knowledge of how to maximize space and Meredith’s partnership with The Container Store, allows us to combine our great ideas with great products and systems. 

We love what we do. We are here to eliminate stress, not create it. We can work at your speed and talk through the difficult decisions related to clutter, or we can blow through the piles of old stuff that you just have not wanted to address. We work at your speed.

In 2010, after nearly 20 years of leading, coaching and training in the public, private, and non-profit sectors Meredith Garcia founded Up a Notch Consulting, a personal and professional growth firm that specializes in decluttering lives to maximize efficiency, maintain personal satisfaction and achieve professional success.
Meredith proudly partnered with The Container Store in 2014, as one of three Contained Home Organizers in the Austin area. As an Independent Representative for The Container Store, she provides a variety of in-home services to The Container Store’s clients that help them achieve their goal of living an organized life. This partnership allowed for Up a Notch Consulting’s service offerings to expand in multiple directions that included not only the efficiency coaching and training, but also hands on decluttering, organizing and space planning.
After 3 years of offering a wide variety of services to her personal and professional clients under the Up a Notch Consulting name, Meredith decided to separate the two primary areas of her business. Declutter It All was officially founded in 2017 to serve as the “Professional Organizing arm” of Up a Notch Consulting and focus more on homes and individuals than professional offices and teams.
Her personal experiences, beginning with the prestigious Walt Disney World College Program, led her to follow her passion to guide others toward achievement of their personal and professional goals. Mrs. Garcia is known for her high level of professionalism, dynamic public speaking skills, and genuine desire to help others feel good about where they are today . Her warm, authentic and non-judgmental approach, make it easy to welcome her into your home or office. Meredith has the unique ability to see through complex, overwhelming situations and find the simple steps out. She can look at an overwhelming space and see a way to bring order to the chaos.
After graduating from The University of Texas in Austin, she began her professional career traveling across the United States as the Customer Service Trainer for La Quinta Inns, Inc. Mrs. Garcia continued in the professional development industry as a Training Specialist for Harte-Hanks Response Management and as the Professional Development Manager for the Texas State Auditor’s Office. Before founding Up a Notch Consulting, Mrs. Garcia was the Executive Director of Texas Round-Up, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on improving the health of the citizens of the State of Texas.
Mrs. Garcia lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two sons. She is a Contained Home Organizer for The Container Store, a Certified Franklin Covey facilitator, a Certified Professional Development Trainer and a proud member of the Austin chapter of the National Speaker’s Association, American Society of Training and Development, and The Junior League of Austin.